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Managing Challenging Odours in Your Household


Managing Challenging Odours in Your Household

6 ways to get rid of bad odors from your home - Hella Home

Persistent odours in your home can be a real drag, impacting your comfort and making your place feel less than fresh. While everyday cleaning products handle some odours, others require a more powerful approach. Skunk spray, potent pet stains, and even decomposition smells are particularly unpleasant and demand a different strategy.

Here's a guide to managing severe odours effectively:

  1. Skunk Spray and Pet Odours:
    • Gear Up: Protect yourself with gloves, eye protection, and full-cover clothing. Use an N-95 respirator to avoid inhaling harmful fumes.
    • Cleaning:
      • Non-porous surfaces: Mix warm water and strong detergent, wash thoroughly, and rinse with clean water.
      • Porous surfaces (extensive damage): Seek professional help. Carpeting, upholstery, or particleboard may need removal for complete odour elimination.
      • Semi-porous surfaces: Clean with a water and detergent solution. For severe damage, consider contacting restoration experts.
  1. Decomposition Odors:
    • Professional Help is Key: Following body removal by authorities, adhere to OSHA regulations for cleaning and decontamination. SLC Environmental Inc. provides professional restoration services ensuring safe and thorough odor removal, compliant with industry standards.
    • Small Animal Decomposition: Follow cleaning protocols similar to pet urine or skunk spray. Sanitize non-porous and semi-porous materials, discarding severely impacted absorbent items. For persistent odours, contact a restoration company for specialized treatment.
  1. Cigarette Smoke Odors:
    • Professional Restoration: Cigarette smoke odour removal often requires expertise. SLC Environmental Inc. utilizes specialized knowledge and advanced techniques to eliminate odours effectively, restoring your home to a fresh and healthy environment.

Don't let severe odours disrupt your comfort and peace of mind! Contact SLC Environmental Inc. today for professional odour removal solutions. We offer comprehensive restoration services for various odour-causing issues, ensuring your home breathes easily once again.