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Odour Control in Burlington, Ontario

Quite often we find ourselves in our homes or workplace with odours that make it uncomfortable and distracting. The key to dealing with odour contamination is to identify the source. Once the source of the odour is identified such as; pet odour, chemical overuse, tobacco, mould and bacteria and microorganisms from a current water loss or previously identified water loss or sewer backup.

The next step is to initiate a systematic approach to removing the source and any remnants of the odour from your house or workplace. These step include but are not limited to removal of the source to a specific treatment plan with the use of mechanical and other ranges of cleaning methods.

Every odour problem and situation is different. As such, also should be the site specific treatment plan for your home or workplace.

  • Pet odours
  • Animal feces
  • Food and cooking
  • Tobacco and smoke
  • Bacterial and microorganism
  • Sewer back up and sewage waste not treated properly

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