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Beware of Hidden Mould in Your Air Ducts!


Beware of Hidden Mould in Your Air Ducts!

What Causes Mold In Ductwork? - Premier Heating & Cooling

At SLC Environmental, we specialize in removing hazardous materials like mould, and that includes mould lurking unseen in your air conditioning ducts. Here's why you should be concerned about mould growth in your HVAC system:

  • Hidden Health Risks: Mould exposure can mimic allergies, causing irritation, coughing, and wheezing.
  • Rapid Spread: A running HVAC system spreads mould spores throughout your home, worsening indoor air quality.

Taking Action Against Mould:

  1. Stop the System: If you suspect mould, shut down your HVAC system to prevent further contamination.
  2. Confirm the Threat: Don't waste time and money on unnecessary cleaning. Contact a certified mould inspector like SLC Environmental to confirm the presence of mould through professional testing.
  3. Ductwork Assessment: The type of ductwork (fiberglass, metal, etc.) determines the best course of action. Unlike metal ducts, fiberglass or internally insulated ducts often require removal due to the difficulty of thorough cleaning.
  4. Professional Mould Removal: Cleaning mould from ducts is a complex task requiring specialized training and equipment. At SLC Environmental, we not only remove mould but also address the underlying causes that allowed it to flourish.
  5. Hiring Expertise: Beware of air duct cleaning companies that don't follow industry standards. SLC Environmental uses approved methods and products to ensure complete and lasting mould removal.

Preventing Future Mould Growth:

Once we've eradicated the mould, it's crucial to prevent its return. Here's how:

  • Control Humidity: High humidity levels are a breeding ground for mould. Invest in a dehumidifier if needed.
  • Address Moisture Issues: Fix leaky pipes and ensure proper drainage from your AC unit's drain pan.
  • Maintain Accessibility: Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential. Ensure easy access to your HVAC components for proper inspection and cleaning.

Taking Action for Peace of Mind

Contact SLC Environmental Inc. today for a consultation and professional guidance. We can help you navigate the process of mould removal and ensure the health and safety of yourself, your family, and anyone involved in your project.